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If you have been in a car accident and are not sure what type of doctor to see, it's important to know that there are different specialists for treating injuries that result from car accidents. More than likely, your primary care physician will not be ready to handle your injuries. In this post, we will discuss the different types of injuries that can occur after a car accident as well as what specialists best treat these conditions.

Typical Medical Visits After A Car Accident

After a car accident, it's important to see a doctors soon as possible. If you were involved in a car crash, you will likely end up in one of the centers listed below for an initial checkup. Following the visit, it's a good idea to find a local doctor for your normal treatment and medical care following the accident.

Emergency Room

The first stop for anyone who has been in a car wreck is to go to the emergency room. ERs have specialists that can evaluate and treat all sorts of car accident injuries, but they are not equipped to provide follow up care. If you call an ambulance after being involved in any type of motor vehicle crash (MVC), it will automatically take you to the nearest emergency room so that doctors there can diagnose what your injuries are and how badly they affect your body's systems before sending you on your way or offering surgery if necessary.

Trauma Center

These hospitals specialize more heavily than regular ERs when it comes to dealing with trauma patients, including those who've had MVCs. Trauma centers tend to offer surgical procedures for victims of an auto accident, and they are the kind of doctor that your primary care doctor may refer you to immediately after an accident. These centers are equipped to deal with more serious car accident injuries, such as internal bleeding, a herniated disc, broken bones, a spine injuries, or other life threatening complications from a car accident.

What Tests Are Done After A Car Accident?

The car accident specialist will also check for any blood clotting to see if it is affecting your ability to move, and they may order some tests like a CT scan or MRI depending on what their findings are. If you were unconscious and unable to tell the doctors how long ago the injury occurred, these scans can help them determine this answer by measuring the amount of swelling in different parts of your brain which helps them accurately date when the trauma took place.

At this point, you'll be either sent home with instructions about what injuries need follow up care from another doctor's office or admitted into rehab where specialists there learn more about exactly what type of treatment plan would work best for recovering from your specific type of injury.

Why Won't My Doctor See Me After A Car Accident?

Some doctors, such as your primary care doctor may not be willing to see after a car accident. Here are some of the reasons:

  • They're overbooked and unable to get you in a timely manner.
  • You don't live close enough to their office or they don't want to travel far distances (some even use video conferencing).
  • Your injury doesn't require treatment by them because it's something that are not specialists in.

If any of these apply and your primary care physician is still unable to offer an appointment soon after the accident, then find out from a trusted friend or relative another doctor or clinic you can visit, as medical attention is generally recommended after an auto collision.

What Type of Doctor Should I See

There are three general types of doctors that specialize in this field: Orthopedists for fractures, spinal surgeons for whiplash and headaches, and plastic surgeons to deal with cuts and wounds. Your injuries depend on the type of car accident you were involved in, and you should always go to the emergency room immediately after an accident, even if you feel fine. Your injuries can prove to be an important medical record when dealing with an insurance company after the accident. 

Orthopedists are doctors who specialize in the diagnosis and treatment of bone injuries, such as fractures. They often prescribe pain medication to help with initial discomfort, but bone injury is best dealt with by a specialist. In fact, orthopedic surgeons used to be called "bone setters", which refers back to ancient times when they were the only ones that could fix broken bones. You may need surgery if you have severe or complicated breaks.-

Spinal surgeons are doctors who deal exclusively with spine issues or injuries related to whiplash from car accidents. If you've been injured recently and there's any mention of numbness or tingling sensations on one side of your body - get it checked out immediately by a professional. Your spine as one of the most difficult pieces of the body to perform proper treatment for, so a medical professional is needed right away to ensure your symptoms don't get worse.

Plastic surgeons are  specialists in the field of reconstructive surgery. They can handle any type of injury, but they specialize in burns and scars that are often seen after car accidents. Their treatment will help you to recover physically after a crash.

Common Types of Car Accident Injury

Wondering what doctor should I see for my injury? Here's a list of the most common injuries and which doctors are best to see for these types.


The best type of doctor to see for whiplash injuries is a chiropractor.

Broken Bones (Fractures)

The best type of doctor to see for broken bones is an orthopedic surgeon.

Spinal Cord Injuries (Paralysis)

The best type of doctor to see for spinal cord injuries is a neurosurgeon.

If you sustained an injury to your spine, your therapy options will depend on the severity of the damage. In many cases, there is no need for surgery and physical rehabilitation should be enough to heal.

Neck Injuries

The best type of doctor to see for this issue is an orthopedic surgeon as well.

For neck injuries, it's important that you follow up with an orthopedic surgeon immediately after seeing a neurosurgeon because they may also require surgeries or treatments like injections into nerves to help them function again. Neck pain can cause headaches which only make things worse so don't wait too long before seeking treatment!

Soft Tissue Damage

The best type of doctor to see for soft tissue damage is a physical therapist.

This damage is what happens when nearby muscles get stretched or torn in some way such as from being slammed against something during an accident. It usually takes about two weeks for this type of injury to start feeling better.

Fractured Skulls or Broken Spinal Columns

The best type of doctor to see for these types of injuries are neurosurgeons and orthopedic surgeons, respectively.


The best type of doctor to see for burns is usually a dermatologist, but if you have cuts along with your burn then it's important that you also go to an ER physician (see above). That way they can clean any wounds while checking out your burn at the same time.

Legal Benefits Of Seeing A Doctor Immediately After A Car Accident

The legal benefits of seeing a doctor immediately after an accident are that you will be able to start the process sooner. This means finding witnesses, getting evidence from the other driver's insurance company and gathering any necessary contact information for your personal injury lawyer.

If you wait too long before seeking medical attention then it can make things more difficult during trial because there may not be enough time to find all of this evidence or gather all of these details about what happened in order to have them submitted before jury selection begins.

Personal injury lawyers will advise you in an initial free case review that you should see a doctor after your accident. The doctor to see after a car accident will depend on the type of injury you obtain and how much pain you are in. Your personal injury lawyer will probably have a few medical care facilities they can recommend who are experienced with treating injuries from an auto accident.

In general, hiring a car accident lawyer will provide you with legal benefits as well as guidance on what doctor to see after a car accident. Generally, a primary care physician will not be a specialist in treatment for car accident victims, so it's important to see a doctor who does specialize in MVA injuries. Depending on the injuries, your condition could be life threatening, so it's incredibly important to see treatment immediately after an accident.

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