Daniel Harrington

Daniel Harrington is a doctor who has worked in trauma centers and ICUs for most of his life. His areas of expertise include recovering from car accidents and research on how to recover from these types of accidents. Dr. Harrington has taken part in research on the topic across the country, working with people before, during and after they have been involved in a car accident.

He is an expert at assessing injuries, prioritizing treatments, and stabilizing patients before they are moved to hospitals for further treatment. Daniel also specializes in acute care medicine, as well as trauma surgery.

He went to medical school at Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine where he graduated with honors before going into residency at Columbia University Medical Center's Emergency Department/Trauma Unit. After completing his residency there, Dr. Harrington became Chief Resident for one year at New York Presbyterian Hospital-Queens' Trauma Unit as well as the Emergency Department Director for two years.

After meeting the rest of the team at Car Accident FAQ he realized his true passion lay in educating car accident victims and helping them access the most up to date resources and medical treatments available. He lives by the motto "an educated patient is a happy patient".

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