Victor Coleman

Victor Coleman was a content director for one of the most acclaimed personal injury law firms in the nation. He has written hundreds of pieces on personal injury law and had articles published in major news publications over the years.

He began his career in New York City where he was publishing nearly a hundred articles per week on personal injury law. He quickly learned everything there is to know about personal injury law and took the time to sit in with the lawyers on a handful of cases and even interview victims to better understand their point of view on a variety of topics.

In 2002, Victor left big city life behind for a small town west of Eugene Oregon where he became an integral member of the legal team at one of Oregon's largest personal injury firms. After years of establishing himself as a critical liaison between injured victims and attorneys Victor took off to form his own website.

Car Accident FAQ was born in 2021, but it is a product of a lifetime of knowledge. After meeting the rest of his team it was clear they could provide an unbiased view on everything related to car accidents and help improve their readers understanding of car accidents.

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